June 2013 Northeast Hops News

June 2013 Northeast Hops News

June’s Northeast Hops News includes;

  • Whipple Brothers’ Farms Purchases New Pelletizing Equipment
  • Managing Downy Mildew
  • June Events
  • Geohopping
  • Monthly “What’s it For”
  • Nitrogen Management in Hops
  • UVM Articles
  • Malt House Info
  • NeHA Classified Info
  • The continuation of “The Gospel in the Hop Fields”
  • What You Should be Looking for in June
  • 2013 Hop Grower’s Map
  • List of Summer Events


Funding for this publication is provided by grants from USDA, NYS Ag Markets, Specialty Crops Block Grant and the NY Farm Viability Institute.


Visit the “Newsletter” page or click on the following link to view or print June’s Northeast Hops News. June 2013

 June 2013