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Informative Resources from Hops Production in the Lake Erie Region Event in June.

The following links are presentations or information that was given at the Hops Production in the Lake Erie Region Event in June 2013.  Once they have been moved from the home page, they will remain on the resources page.






Hops and Beginning Brewing Resource

We just found a new information source that we think will be helpful to NeHA growers and those considering opening farm breweries.  Check out Beer Legends.  We’ve also linked to the Hops Variety page on our Info and Links post under Resources.

2011 National Hop Report

Message from Steve Miller, NYS Hop Specialist:
USDA just released the 2011 National Hop Survey.  As you will see, it includes the three major production areas of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.  We must take this information with a grain of salt. While I attended the Hops Research Meetings in Yakima earlier this year the industry leaders spoke about how much it costs their organization to have the survey done and whether the reported information is accurate because not all growers respond, and many who do may not be giving complete information about prices, yields, and varieties.  All in all, I do think this is very useful information for our growing hop industry as we can see changes over time and what our competitors are doing.  Enjoy the read:  National Hop Report-NASS 12-11[1]

Info and Links

We cannot begin to count the number of inquiries that NeHA members get from people interested in growing hops in the Northeast, Southeast and MidWest.  We have found that the questions are often the same.  So, we have developed a list of links and other helpful information.  Perhaps this page will answer your questions.  Become a NeHA member to get access to our online community and forum for more information and networking opportunities.

Hop Growing Guides

For New Farmers

2011 Fall Hop Conference

Sources of Rhizomes

 Hop Variety Descriptions

Hop Science

Hop History

Home Brewing

Tourism: Hop Trails in the Northeast